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History Of The Choir

Basingstoke Hospital Male Voice Choir was formed in March 2011 to provide a means of relaxation for hospital staff and for the benefit of patients who can visit the hospital restaurant on Wednesday Evenings (with the agreement of the nursing staff on their ward) - when the choir rehearse. The initial membership was 8 and has now increased to 35+ and includes people who are not staff members but enjoy singing in a choir. Their first concert was for the Alzheimer’s society in Newbury and concert goers were amazed to be told this was their first ever public performance. As their reputation has increased they have been asked to sing at many events including Winchester Cathedral for St Michael’s Hospice 20th and 25th anniversary celebratiosn; appeared on BBC TV to promote the programme where Gareth Malone was encouraging large companies’ to form a staff choir; they have sung at events associated with the hospital – nursing awards and the Christmas Carol concert  where the audience grows year on year – the popularity of this event means that funds raised can be donated back to the hospital.

The Choir has sung at many events and venues where local charities have been holding a fund raising event and is very proud of its achievement in helping to raise a considerable amount of money for good causes. They are very proud to be a member of Basingstoke Festival of Choirs and have sung at the Anvil Theatre for all the events the festival has staged.

From a very small beginning the choir has gone from strength to strength and their wardrobe has grown along with their repertoire of over 200 songs – old and new - from a simple bow tie shirt and trousers to full dinner suit with bow ties custom made in the hospital colours as a thank you to North Hants Hospital for their continued encouragement and when Mr Myrddin Rees DL MS FRCS FRCS(Ed) Consultant Hepatobiliary agreed to be Honorary President of the choir it further cemented the relationship between them and the hospital.