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The Choir And Fund Raising

The choir is fully committed to helping organisations raise funds either by holding concerts themselves or performing at events the charities put on.

The choir is, currently, heavily involved in assisting the Ark Cancer Charity in raising £5 million towards a cancer treatment centre, to be built by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The charity’s involvement will ensure the provision of a range of complementary and support therapies in one inspirational building that will offer a therapeutic, healing environment. The choir is honoured to be able to help.

Other fundraising events have included;

The Nepalese Disaster fund appeal.

Raising money for equipment in Basingstoke Hospital.

Performing in various churches and cathedrals to assist in raising much needed funds.

BHMVC is pleased to support the NHS Red Bag Scheme the details can be found here

If you would like to know more about involving the choir in fund raising events then please do not hesitate to contact the secretary or the concert secretary via our contact us page and either will be happy to try and help you.